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Aaron Fitchett
Lethbridge, ALBERTA
Canada - eh?
Hayden D.

Welcome to Deefrank's Chesterfield!

*Where Every Cushion Tells a Tale...*

Please, have a seat. Welcome to Deefrank's site of Ani Difranco-ness, and all things Ani! I hope that you are comfortable, and I hope that you enjoy your stay!

On-ee Duh-Frank-Oh = Ani DiFranco

What's that you say? You'd like to know more about how I came to know (imaginatively), and love this amazing woman? Well why don't you just click HERE, to get the un-abridged version!

A few little treats that I found under the couch:

The Ani WebSearch Index
Everything Goddess (and then some).
Official Ani DiFranco Itinerary
Where the HELL is that girl, anyway?
This page kicks! (and it has about 1 000 000 pics - give or take...)
Little Plastic Castle - Reviews
Here's a quick jump to a great site promoting Ani's latest release: Little Plastic Castle
Lots of Ani pics c/o Lauren's Glass House
Lauren (although I don't know her), has done us all a favour by collecting so many pics!
John's Ani Page
A cool site - well designed, informative, but BEWARE of the frames!