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Welcome to Deefrank's Arm Chair!

This area of Deefrank's site has been devoted to the one and only HAYDEN DESSER. A talented young Canadian, HAYDEN has begun to make his way onto the mainstream market of modern indie/folk music (wow! alliteration anyone?). There aren't many HAYDEN sites on the 'net, so there isn't much here that you won't find anywhere else. Anywhore, I hope that you enjoy your stop, and that you check-out the many HAYDEN links!


Aaron Fitchett
Lethbridge, ALBERTA
Canada - eh?

Ani D.

And Scribbled on The Upholstery Was...

Hayden Extravaganza: A link to one very thouroughly Hayden SUPER-SITE.
Emma's Hayden Tribute Page: Check out this Hayden-rific tail-spin from Emma's main page!